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Universal Light Shaper Cards

Universal Light Shaper Cards

Model No. IZLS


Designed For: ALL FLASHES

The light shaper is a 4x7.5” 2 sided bounce card, matteblack & reflective white on the other side. The white sidecan be used as a bounce card, to bounce & scatter the lightoutput of the flash. The black color can be used as a flag tokeep light from flaring into your lens when using aflash as a background or hair light.
Typically when using external speedlights your photos havea tendency to have shadows on the background causedby a concentrated light source. Helps to diffuse the lightsource and bounce it off to the wall or ceiling to prevent theshadows form forming behind your subject. Flash diffusersalso provide ample lighting to your subject, enabling youto produce, clear and crisp portrait shots with the focus onyour subject’s face.
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