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Quick Release Dual Shoulder Camera Neck Strap

Quick Release Dual Shoulder Camera Neck Strap

Model No. IZDSS


Designed For: Camcorders & DSLRs

• The Ultimate Solution For Two-Camera Shooters
• Light weight, (dual-straps) only 0.84 lbs; small; widening shoulder construction reduces burdening feeling
• Comfortable to use. The strap adopts ergonomic design, and the weight is distributed evenly by way of the shoulder pad
• The dual-shoulder strap uses Velcro and fasteners as connections to facilitate dismantling, and it can be easily dividedinto two separate straps
• The lock parts and connections are made of metal
• There’s an adjustment device in the front of the strap designed to facilitate rapid adjustment of strap length
• There’re two tripod quick-release plates with 1/4” thread for connecting the camera to any device with 1/4” screw.
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