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Professional Wireless Remote Shutter Release - Olympus

Professional Wireless Remote Shutter Release - Olympus

Model No. IZOWS


Designed For: Olympus

• Multi exposure: press the shutter release one time & the camera will take consecutive pictures
• Instant release: press shutter release once & take immediate pictures
• 3 seconds release: this gives you the option to get the perfect pose
• Operate at ranges up to 490-656 feet depending on conditions
• Shooting modes:single/continuous/delayshooting/bulb
• Uses low power to last a long time

Package includes:
• Wireless transmitter
• Wireless receiver
• Two batteries
• Cable
• Five year limited warranty

Transmitter Receiver
• Power:
Transmitter: 12V/23A Receiver: 3V/CR2
• Channel
Transmitter:16 Receiver: 16
• Transmitter distance: up to 490-656 feet (depending on conditions)
• Time of shooting:
Transmitter: up to 10,000 times Receiver: 10,000 hours standby
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